Laser Therapy

The use of lasers has revolutionized modern dentistry and endodontics. The Integration of this system in our office has enabled us to offer this additional service for unsurpassed outcome available to our patients , which uses dual wavelengths and mediums. The Er:YAG, and Nd:YAG that are more precise and less invasive than traditional surgical technologies, producing better results and faster healing times. We use revolutionary laser techniques called SWEEPS, and PIPS. The Fotona LightWalker laser system using Er-YAG wavelength has the ability to completely clean out the inside of the root canal system (RCS) of each tooth. Photon Activated Systems Technology (PHAST), is the scientific foundation for the LightWalker Er:YAG and the basis for SWEEPS and PIPS developed by scientists, researchers and clinicians at Fotona; as well as other advanced clinical laser procedures.

As for endodontic treatment procedure(s) this system allows us to go beyond just cleaning the primary canals. It can also three (3)  dimensionally remove the smear layer, and debride in and around the lateral and accessory canals.